The Game Plan for Southshore

Southshore Stingrays believe that people can lead healthier and happier lives if they know how easy it can be. Making small changes to our habits can bring us to a better place and allow us to live longer and enjoy our quality of life.

Over the coming weeks we want to help people in Southshore know that the Southshore Stingrays care about their health as well as our own. Stay tuned and let’s do this!

Keeping Yourself Fit After 40

Have you ever noticed how people who do no exercise at all still have a look of fullness in their arms, legs and chests for example, when they are less than 30 years old? Unfortunately, if its not maintained then the ‘perkiness’ turns to droopiness and sagginess when they are over 30? Our body is at its peak at between 25 and 30 years of age. After this point, our body starts to slowly go into a decline and we tend to put on weight a little faster than before.

As we age our body tends to become harder to maintain the level of fitness we enjoyed in our 20’s. Because of this we need to supplement our bodies with the nutrients and such that our bodies naturally stop producing. We are not talking about simply buying weight loss products and sitting idle watching The Dr Oz Show pumping yourself with pills all day. You can try green tea extract and garcinia cambogia (hca) free trial offers on tv all you want, but without actually getting up and exercising you won’t stay fit later in life. (Note: We are not saying anything negative about The Dr Oz Show or weight loss offers like the one mentioned on above)


Between muscle distrophy and bone density issues, staying on top of our health can be a full time job. Is there a way to make this process easier? You bet!

We’ve all seen it, there are two women standing together, one is around 35 years old while the other is around 50, yet the older women looks more firm and vigorous than the younger women. You might ask yourself; how does she do it? The answer is she exercises. Period! You, at almost any age can stay in great shape as well, but you have to exercise. You have to make exercise a regular part of your day.

A good exercise program would be one that contains both aerobic and resistance exercise with some stretching added also. Why not mix the 2 together? By doing circuit training and keeping your heart rate high you can get both the cardio you need to burn fat and the muscle training you need to keep your body looking healthy and toned. Find workout a regimen and programs that allow you take advantage of this so you can maximize your results when working out.

A lot of people seem to think that aerobic exercise is the best way to lose and maintain weight, but, since 75% of the calories you burn are at rest, this is not the case. Aerobic exercises are only effective at burning calories while you are doing the activity, and then within two hours after all the sweating and working out the calories stop burning and the benefits of the workout end.

On the other hand, resistance exercise helps build muscle, and since muscle is active tissue, you can burn a whole lot more calories, even when you’re at rest. One pound of fat burns around 4 calories each day while one pound of muscle burns around 50 calories each day. After a person reaches their 30’s, if they are not regularly active they could lose a pound of muscle each year. That basically means, for 10 years of muscle loss due to inactivity it’s like having a metabolism of around 450 calories per day!

If your goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, you need to make the changes necessary to have working out (both cardio and strength training) in your regular routine. The important thing to remember about resistance training is that people who incorporate resistance training into their daily exercise regimen can lose almost 44% more body fat than those who don’t. People even in their 80s and 90s have seen as much as a 200% improvement in their strength levels within 3-4 weeks of starting to exercise.

You can stay fit and trim after 40, but the message is clear, exercise with resistance included is an absolute must if you want to stay in peak condition and feel young and alive, and you can do it, even well past 40.